Book Review – The Other Rembrandt

Title:  The Other Rembrandt
Author:  Alex Connor
Publisher:  Sterling
ISBN:  1403786948

Synopsis (from 
History’s biggest conspiracy is about to be revealed in this gripping, addictive thriller … but not if a ruthless killer can stop it.
Marshall Ziegler has never been interested in his father Owen’s London gallery–until Owen is brutally slain. Marshall then discovers that Owen knew a dark secret at the heart of Rembrandt’s life–a secret that could topple one of the world’s most lucrative industries. But a sadistic murderer is doing whatever he must to hide the truth. Will Marshall stay alive long enough to reveal the greatest secret never told?

My thoughts:  Right off the bat, I am owning the fact that I did not finish this book.  I am not at all the type that starts a book and doesn’t finish, but not the case with this book.  I won this book as my first ever First Reads from Goodreads, so I was excited to begin reading.  When reading the synopsis, I was leery as it was by a British author and set in London, both of which I am normally not fond of.  I was hopeful however as the story sort of had a Da Vinci Code, Mask of Atreus slant to it.  The clear difference however was that Da Vinci Code and Mask of Atreus were good reads and this book was just not.  

The book is set in the London art galleries.  A ruthless killer is killing those who know a shocking secret in the life of the great Rembrandt.  This secret promises to alter the art world forver. 

I found myself having absolutely no connection to any of the characters.  You know the basic premise of the shocking secret right away in the beginning of the book, so what is the point?   There were no twists and turns, no excitement, no nothing unfortunately. 

As I was reading I found myself focusing on how many pages I read rather than anything about the book itself.  I plodded . . . and plodded . . . and plodded through about 1/4 of the book and finally gave up.  I hate that I didn’t finish, but just had to move on. 

I did not like this book at all and encourage those who think it is an exciting book in the genre of Da Vinci Code and those like it to think again.

My Rating:  : – )  Strongly disliked!!

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