Book Review – Flash and Bones by Kathy Reichs (Temperance Brennan Series #14)

   Title:  Flash and Bones (Temperance Brennan #14)

   Author:  Kathy Reichs

   Publisher:  Simon and Schuster

   Synopsis  (from 

Kathy Reichs#1 New York Times bestselling author and producer of the FOX television hit Bonesreturns with a riveting new novel set in Charlotte, North Carolina, featuring America’s favorite forensic anthropologist, Dr. Temperance Brennan.

Just as 200,000 fans are pouring into town for Race Week, a body is found in a barrel of asphalt next to the Charlotte Motor Speedway. The next day, a NASCAR crew member comes to Temperance Brennan’s office at the Mecklenburg County Medical Examiner to share a devastating story. Twelve years earlier, Wayne Gamble’s sister, Cindi, then a high school senior and aspiring racer, disappeared along with her boyfriend, Cale Lovette. Lovette kept company with a group of right-wing extremists known as the Patriot Posse. Could the body be Cindi’s? Or Cale’s?

At the time of their disappearance, the FBI joined the investigation, only to terminate it weeks later. Was there a cover-up? As Tempe juggles multiple theories, the discovery of a strange, deadly substance in the barrel alongside the body throws everything into question. Then an employee of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention goes missing during Race Week. Tempe can’t overlook the coincidence. Was this man using his lab chemicals for murder? Or is the explanation even more sinister? What other secrets lurk behind the festive veneer of Race Week?

My thoughts:   Yes, this is the series that the FOX series Bones is based on.  No, I don’t watch the show as it just bothers me that the TV main character is so vastly different than the character in the book.  That aside . .  . 🙂  

I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the previous books in this Temperance Brennan series, but for some reason this one just fell flat for me.  It was almost as if I wasn’t even reading a Kathy Reichs book.  I didn’t at all enjoy the NASCAR theme and setting for the book as I just couldn’t connect to it. 

The characters were not thrilling and the overall pacing of the book was just plain boring.  In fact, as I was reading the synopsis over again, it sure sounds much more exciting than the actual book was.  Very unfortunate for such a great writer and such a great series.  I was anticipating the suspence, excitement, and thrill of the other books in this series and it just didn’t deliver. 

I am hoping that the next book in this series will get back to the Kathy Reichs I love!!

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One response to “Book Review – Flash and Bones by Kathy Reichs (Temperance Brennan Series #14)

  1. Ann

    I haven’t read any of her books and find the tv series annoying, but I have heard that her books are so much better. Maybe I’ll try one of them. Thanks for the review.

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