I won! I won some great Chick Lit!

Happy Wednesday all!  Well funny that I posted about giveaways in my blog yesterday, because I have just won two books in the last day from two different great Chick Lit blogs that I found this week.  Winning something is soooooo exciting!  Winning books is just heaven on earth 🙂

Here is what I won:  (please go check out these great blogs)


  Title:  Prosper in Love

Author:  Deborah Michel

Synopsis (from bn.com):

A good marriage lasts forever…until it doesn’t.

From the start, Lynn and Jamie Prosper were one of those couples who seem meant to be—so content with each other that they barely notice the rest of the world nodding approvingly at their wedded bliss. But sometimes, even in the very best of marriages, all it takes is a mischievous outsider to bring the perfect couple toppling off the top of the wedding cake… True, Jamie has been working so hard and traveling so much as a young lawyer that he hardly has enough energy to show his devotion. Not that Lynn, a junior museum curator, has any reason to question it. But when Lynn’s old college friend turns up at a cocktail party, chinks in their marriage’s previously unassailable armor start to show. Suddenly, without meaning to, Lynn and Jamie have both acquired divorce lawyers. And those benevolent onlookers—meddling in-laws and competitive friends alike—eagerly bear witness to each new misstep. Is love really enough to make a marriage last?

And from chicklitcentraltheblog.blogspot.com

  Title:  Then Came You

Author:  Jennifer Weiner

Synopsis (from bn.com):


Jules Strauss is a Princeton senior on a full scholarship who plans on selling her “pedigree” eggs to help save her father from addiction.

Annie Barrow, a struggling Pennsylvania housewife, thinks that carrying another woman’s child will help her recover a sense of purpose and will bring in some much-needed cash.

India Bishop, thirty-eight (really, forty-three) and recently married to the wealthy Marcus Croft, yearns for a baby for reasons that have more to do with money than with love. When her attempts at pregnancy fail, she turns to Jules and Annie to make her dreams come true.

But each of their plans is thrown into disarray when Bettina, Marcus’s privileged daughter, becomes suspicious that her new stepmother is not what she seems . . .

Told with Jennifer Weiner’s trademark wit and sharp observations, Then Came You is a hilarious, tender, and timely tale that explores themes of class and entitlement, surrogacy and charity, the rights of a parent and the measure of a mother.

Thank you to these blogs for hosting great giveaways!

If you are looking for some giveaways, there are plenty of blogs and websites that sponsor them  all of the time.

Here are some that I know of, check them out:

*  goodreads.com

*  librarything.com

*  dreamonus.com

Stay tuned for reviews when I finish these,

And remember,

Books Are Life,



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2 responses to “I won! I won some great Chick Lit!

  1. There is something awfully exciting about winning a book! It’s the simple things in life. 🙂

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