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FMM: All The Single Ladies (and Gents)

1. What is your current relationship status?  Are you happy with that status?  I’m single.  Am I okay with it?  It is alright for now, but I am open to much more 🙂

2. Do you find it enjoyable to take care of someone in addition to yourself, or do you prefer to be responsible only for yourself?  I am the caretaker type, so I certainly don’t mind taking care of someone else in additional to myself.

3.  What’s the most important physical characteristic in your mate/potential mate?  Oh boy, these are getting tough now . . . great eyes!  Phew, eyes are great!

4. What’s the most important (non-physical) characteristic in your mate/potential mate?  Definitely a great sense of humor.  If you can’t laugh and find the humor even when times get tough, it is a long life.

5. Is it important to you that your significant other have the same hobbies and interests as you?  He wouldn’t have to share all of my hobbies/interests of course, but it would be great if he could apprciate things that I like, and take part in them for me – long dinners, lingering over coffee, sympony concerts, ballets, music, football!

6. If you could go out on a date with a celebrity who would it be?  It would probably be Shemar Moore, do I really need to explain why!  Look at those eyes!  Is it hot in here . . . ? 🙂

7. What’s your idea of a good first date?  A nice dinner, lingering over coffee to talk and get to know each other.

8. Are there any traits/habits that you’d consider a deal breaker?  No committmentphobes allowed!

9. Okay ladies…Facial Hair: Yes, or No?  No, probably not.

10.  Would you marry someone who is opposed to diamond engagement rings?  Hmmmm, no.  I have waited far too long to get married to not have a great diamond on my finger, and we aren’t talking a little bauble either 🙂

11. What do you wish you could do differently in your next relationship?  Be more open and honest about where things are going, definitely having the “where things are going” discussion much, much, much sooner.

12. Is there anyone from your past that you’d like to date again now? Not really.  Let’s start over shall we

13. Describe your worst first date story ever.  Aw man, I don’t really have a worst first date story, just bad endings.

14. Describe the perfect date with your significant other. I think a completely spontaneous day would be great, seeing where the day took us rather than having everything planned out, maybe a picnic, maybe dinner, maybe a show/concert, see where the world takes us.

15.  Would you date someone shorter than you? I would but not much shorter than me.  I’m not all that tall to begin with.

16. Share one (or a few) bonus traits that would be fun to find in an significant other (even if they aren’t as important as other traits.)  someone who shares my passion for creativity and the arts, as well as my passion for reading and talking about books would be a definite bonus.

17. What’s one thing you’d like to do with a significant other that you’ve never done with another? Sign up for a charity walk/run together.  Something exercise/physical related.

18.  PDA: Yes, or No? I’m definitely not a fan of PDA.

19. Do you kiss on the first date? Usually not, but would depend on the date 🙂

20. Who, if anyone, makes your heart flutter?  This answer better stay a secret between me, myself, and I 🙂


Have fun all,

And remember,

Books Are Life,




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2 responses to “Friend Making Mondays from!!

  1. #6 so hot

    #9 unless maybe it’s #6, right? Still so hot..=)

  2. Hmm, hope your heart flutterer keeps that reaction in you. And cute celebrity by the way, had never seen him. Came by from FMM.

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