Chick Lit Fans – Giveaway for “Momnesia” by Lori Verni-Fogarsi

Hey Chick Lit fans – another great giveaway!  Head on over the for a giveaway of “Momnesia” by Lori Verni-Fogarsi.


  Title:  Momnesia

Author:  Lori Verni-Fogarsi

Synopsis (grom  Struggling between her “momminess” and her “sexiness,” an unconventional entrepreneur diagnoses herself with Momnesia and sets about finessing a new version of her old vivaciousness:

Momnesia (mahm-nee-zhuh) -noun- Loss of the memory of who you used to be. Caused by pregnancy, play dates, and trying to keep the house cleaner than the Joneses.

She does find some adventure pursuing her own interests but keeps facing the question, “Is it that I haven’t been myself? Or is it that I am being myself but just different than I used to be?” It isn’t until she tosses the Invisible Rule Book altogether that she discovers life–and love–have more to offer than she ever imagined!


Looks like a good one,

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