Book Review – “Ready, Scrap, Shoot” by Joanna Campbell Slan (Kiki Lowenstein #5)

 Title:  Ready Scrap Shoot (Kiki Lowenstein Scrap-n-Craft #5)

Author:  Joanna Campbell Slan

ISBN:  9780738727479

Publisher:  Midnight Ink


Synopsis (from

With bills piling up and a brassy new partner at her scrapbooking shop, the last thing Kiki Lowenstein needs is a surprise visit from her browbeating mother. But when shots fired into the crowd narrowly miss Kiki at her daughter’s May Day pageant, it’s another mother—St. Louis’s wealthiest matriarch—who winds up dead.

While creating a memorial album for the murdered beer heiress, Kiki becomes bait in a dangerous trap as threats from her old foe mount against her. With help from friends in high and low places, including hunky beau Chad Detweiler, Kiki finds herself facing a grave ultimatum: catch the killer or be cropped out of her own family album.


My thoughts:  This is the fifth book in the Kiki Lowenstein series.  I am actually shocked that I did not like this book more than I did.  I flew through the rest of the series and loved them becasue I found the main characters, particularly Kiki, absolutely hilarious and laugh out loud funny at times.  This book somehow seemed a bit dark and solemn to me in terms of the characters.  To me I felt like I was reading an entirely different series and the characters were all of sudden completely different.  Kiki’s mother-in-law is all of a sudden sweet, nice, and caring.  Kiki is more solemn, worried, stressed.  What happened to my characters?

I would like to think that the author chose to do this on purpose because the book does offer us a closer insight into some of Kiki’s past, which I found interesting.  The author does develop Kiki’s character a bit more, but I certainly hope her funny side can come back to us!  I miss laughing with Kiki.

I won’t spoil some surprises near the end of this book, but they definitely will keep me coming back for book #6 to see how everything turns out.

This book seemed much more focused on Kiki and her family life, relationship with her mother, mother-in-law, daughter, boyfriend than it did focusing on any murder mystery.  Yes, of course there was a murder, but I found that it really wasn’t the focus of the book.

Although ultimately an enjoyable read, I found it much harder to get into than the first 4 in the series.  I beg of you, Joanna Campbell Slan, bring my hilarious Kiki back, so I can enjoy some laughter!

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4 responses to “Book Review – “Ready, Scrap, Shoot” by Joanna Campbell Slan (Kiki Lowenstein #5)

  1. I hear you, Heather. I thought that Kiki was heading toward a personal climax, and do recall, I did make you laugh! It seemed to me that we needed to “clear the decks” of some of the problems Kiki was accumulating before I could, in good conscience, move on. You might want to check out the Kiki Lowenstein short stories that fit between the Kiki books. Many of my readers felt that a year between adventures was just too long for Kiki. So the short stories are available on Kindle for 99 cents. As Kiki’s world grows, and as the length of traditional books are limited (Yes, that’s part of my cotnract!), I have found this a fun way to highlight different relationships. I hope you’ll give them a try. I announce them on my author Facebook page

    • Hi Joanna, Wow. Thank you so much for visiting my little blog! I appreciate your comments very much. I will definitely have to check out the short stories on Amazon for some more from my Kiki! Great!

  2. By the way, Heather, you might enjoy my new series The Jane Eyre Chronicles. The first in that–DEATH OF A SCHOOLGIRL–will be released August 7. The publisher is Berkley.

  3. Heather, email me and we’ll send you a copy of Death of a Schoolgirl to review.

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