Book Review – “Murder on the Half Shelf” by Lorna Barrett (Booktown Mystery #6)

  Title:  Murder on the Half Shelf (Booktown Mystery Series #6)

Author:  Kate Carlisle

ISBN:  9780425247754

Publisher:  Berkley Publishing Group


Synopsis (from

“If anyone has the formula for a frolicking fun mystery down pat, it’s Lorna Barrett” (Roundtable Reviews), the New York Times bestselling author whose latest Booktown Mystery finds amateur sleuth Tricia Miles unexpectedly reunited with a man from a chapter of her life she closed long ago…

Stoneham, New Hampshire, is a haven to bookstores, including Tricia’s own mystery shop, Haven’t Got a Clue, but is sadly lacking in bed and breakfasts. Pippa and Jon Comfort’s Sheer Comfort Inn opens its doors to the public in a week and the couple has offered some locals a free night as a trial run.

But what should have been a pleasant overnight stay for Tricia becomes a nightmare when she makes two startling discoveries: Pippa’s murdered body in the backyard, and the fact that her husband Jon is actually Harry Tyler, a man Tricia loved—and believed dead—for nearly twenty years.

Now Harry is the prime suspect, but Tricia doesn’t believe him capable of murder, regardless of her own feelings toward him. And even though Harry’s led a life of lies, Tricia’s learning that Pippa had her share of secrets that some people may have not wanted revealed…


My thoughts:  I have to admit that this book fell a bit flat for me, which is odd given that this is one of my favorite cozy series.  I usually love this series because I can picture the quaint little town with all of the bookshops and the diner.  This time, however, I just didn’t feel engaged with these characters that I have come to love.  I can’t quite put my finger on why this book felt a little boring to me.  I just felt annoyed with Angelica’s constant attitude and some pretty unbelievable turns in the story even for a cozy mystery.  The “whodunit” part came completely out of nowhere for me which led to further disappointment in the ending of the book.  When I found out who the culprit was, I was a bit shocked and not for a good reason.  Completely out of left field!

All that being said, the very last sentence of the book of course makes me want to stay with the series to see what happens!  A bit of a twist at the end which should make the next installment quite good!

An ok read in a series that I still highly recommend!


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