Book Review – “Thugs and Kisses” by Sue Ann Jaffarian (Odelia Grey #3)

thugs&kisses   Title:  Thugs & Kisses

Author:  Sue Ann Jaffarian

Series:  Odelia Grey #3

ISBN:  9780738710891


Synopsis (from  With the class bully murdered at her 30th high school reunion and her boss, the annoying Michael Steele, missing, Odelia doesn’t know which hole to poke her big nose into first. This decision is made for her as she’s again swept into the action involving contract killers, tangled relationships, and fatal buyer’s remorse. Throughout this adventure, Odelia deals with her on-again, off-again relationship with Greg and her attraction to detective Devon Frye.


My thoughts:  Indeed ths is book #3 in the Odelia Grey mystery series.  What I love about Odelia Grey as a heroine, main character is that she is so very uncharacteristic of most female main characters – she is middle-aged, overweight, feisty, and definitely not afraid to speak her mind!  Who doesn’t love these qualities in your female lead character!!!

Overall, I did enjoy this book.  I must say however that this series is rather inconsistent for me.  I love it, then I dislike it, then I like it again – ahhhhh!  Which is it?  I thought the very first book was absolutely hilarious which is is what brought me back.  I struggled through book #2 and now book #3 was much better again.   Perhaps I was just in a crazy, giddy mood when I first started this series, but I am finding that ensuing books just aren’t as funny as the first.  I so do wish that the author would maintain this level of humorous antics through the series.

Overall, a great light mystery read.  Great for cozy lovers and mystery lovers!

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2 responses to “Book Review – “Thugs and Kisses” by Sue Ann Jaffarian (Odelia Grey #3)

  1. The author should be pleased. Very well done review, by the way.

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