Book Review – “The Diva Cooks A Goose” by Krista Davis (Domestic Diva #4)

divacooksagoose  Title: The Diva Cooks a Goose

Author:  Krista Davis

Series:  Domestic Diva Mystery #4

Publisher:  Penguin


Synopsis (from  A Scrooge steals presents right from under Sophie Winston’s family Christmas tree. Then her sister-in-law’s father show’s up with a diva girlfriend just a month after his separation. More than one person is thinking of committing a merry murder-until it actually happens! With many under suspicion for the deadly deed, can Sophie find the murderer and restore the Christmas spirit before it’s too late?


My thoughts:  I seem to be in a Domestic Diva kind of mood lately and am trying to work my way through the rest of the series right now.  As a cozy reader I am sure you know the feeling of sometimes just needing get right back to your characters to see what they are up to next 🙂

This mystery is set at Christmas time (a little odd reading it in almost Spring, but fun nonetheless).  When all of the gifts in the neighborhood are stolen and when a shocking new girlfriend in the family ends up dead, Sophie is of course on the case!

I really enjoyed this Diva mystery.  It really introduced the reader to Sophie’s extended family which I enjoyed.  I always like getting to know the main characters even more.  Definitely a fun, light quick read for those that enjoy a good cozy mystery with a Christmas theme.

My favorite part of these Domestic Diva mysteries is Sophie’s uncanny ability to somehow whip up a gourmet meal or snack in the midst of utter chaos – hilarious indeed!  I can’t seem to whip up a nice lunch or dinner with no one around, but Sophie always seems to have the right ingredients on hand even when the cops are at her door questioning her!  Oh, the joys of a cozy!

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