Book Review – “Heavy Mental” by P.J. Morse

heavymentalTitle:  Heavy Mental

Author:  P.J. Morse

Series:  Clancy Parker Mystery


Synopsis (from

A musician’s gotta eat, which is why rock guitarist Clancy Parker takes on side gigs as a private eye. When she gets a new case involving a stolen necklace, Clancy’s thrilled at the prospect of easy money.
The job turns out to be anything but. Soon enough, Clancy must dodge threats from disgruntled secretaries, unhinged society matrons and rampaging ice cream trucks. The only person who can provide answers about the necklace is her client’s sexy psychiatrist, but Clancy’s budding crush on him only leads to more trouble.
Eventually, Clancy must rely on all of her contacts— her stoner bandmates, her Socialist landlord, and her yoga-loving, flask-toting mother—to stop the thief from turning into a killer.
My thoughts:  I am very happy to post my first book review as part of my first blog tour for Cozy Mystery Book Reviews!  Hopefully just one of many more to come.
I like to call Heavy Mental by P. J. Morse a cozy with an edge!  I was excited to sign up for this particular blog tour as the book had music and musicians as part of the theme and as a musician myself I find there are just too few music themed cozies out there.
I truly enjoyed this book!  Anyone who has ever read my blog before knows that one of my criteria, if you will, for a great cozy mystery is a strong, empowered female lead character.  Well, believe me, Clancy Parker fits the bill.  Clancy, is both a guitarist in her band as well as a hard core Private Investigator who takes no guff!  Excellent!
This book had great characters, a great bit of humor mixed  in, and overall was a very fun read.  I really enjoyed that is was a cozy with a hardcore edge as those lovers of cozies know that some can just be a bit too sugary sweet at times!
I am hoping there will be additional books in this series so readers can see what Clancy gets involved in next.
Grab this book on your Kindle for $2.99 for a great, fast summer read.
And remember,
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2 responses to “Book Review – “Heavy Mental” by P.J. Morse

  1. Ashlee Stalling

    This looks good, I will be checking it out. Jonelle Patrick writes really great mysteries that are a little more edgy than most. You should check her out, her newest book is Fallen Angel, it’s really good. is her site. I think you will enjoy it!

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