Book Review – “Picture, Perfect Corpse” by Joanna Campbell Slan

pictureperfectcorpse   Title:  Picture Perfect Corpse

Author:  Joanna Campbell Slan

Series:  Kiki Lowenstein Scrap-N-Craft Mystery #6

ISBN:  9780738735382


Synopsis (from  Police detective Chad Detweiler is overjoyed to learn he’s having a baby with Kiki Lowenstein. But when his estranged wife, Brenda, is found shot to death with bullets from his revolver, the proud papa-to-be finds himself up the creek without a lawyer. Meanwhile, Kiki and Dodie Goldfader are in for a surprise when an unidentified young woman bursts into their craft store claiming to have killed Dodie’s son. Embarking on a memorial scrapbook project as a ruse to unravel the facts, Kiki can’t stop herself from wondering if the man she loves is tangled up in murder.

My thoughts:  Oh man, I really, really want to say that I enjoyed this book, but I just can’t.  To me, somehow this series has lost it’s edge as it continues.  What I absolutely loved about the first couple of books in this series is that the main character, Kiki, was absolutely hilarious.  The books were light hearted and were focused on the Time in a Bottle, scrapbook store, which after all is what the theme of the book is.

I know that Kiki is going through some very stressful times in the last couple of books, but wow it really has changed the whole tenor of the series in a bad way for me at least.  I feel like I don’t even know who Kiki is anymore.

To me, this book felt like it was a little pieced together for me.  There was the main murder mystery, with Brenda Detweiler, and then there were a couple other subplots which were mentioned in the beginning and then all of a sudden came up in the end to be solved – i.e., solving what happened to Dodie Goldfader’s son and the storyline involving Anya’s friend, Nicci).  These 2 subplots felt completely random to begin with, fell away for most of the book, and then came back to be solved real quick at the end – completely random.

The last page of the book of course introduced a twist of course to intrique you for the next book, but again to me it felt random and pushed like the author needed to come up with something to bring us back to the next book.

And please, please I am hoping that the next book takes us back into the scrapbooking store at least a little bit.  This book had almost nothing focused on the store or scrapbooking at all.

I am very, very hopeful that the next book will bring back some of what I loved when this series started.

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