Book Review – “Sinister Sprinkles” by Jessica Beck (Donut Shop Mystery #3)

sinistersprinkles  Title:  Sinister Sprinkles

Author:  Jessica Beck

Series:  Donut Shop Mystery #3

ISBN:  9780312946128



Synopsis (from  Just in time for the Winter Festival, a glistening layer of snow has covered the streets of April Springs, North Carolina. Of course, it reminds donut shop owner Suzanne Hart of sweet delicious frosting. But her visions of sugar plums plummet when her ex’s ex-girlfriend gets iced …


My thoughts:  Suzanne Hart, owner of Donut Hearts, and her best friend Grace are back in action in this third installment in The Donut Shop Mystery Series!  Darlene, the woman that Suzanne’s ex-husband cheated on her with has been found dead in the snow at the winter festival!  And we all know who jumps in the murder and mayhem to solve the case . . . Suzanne and Grace!  YES!

I am at home recovering from getting my wisdom teeth out a couple days ago and am literally flying through these books.  I just love the cozy company of my friends Suzanne and Grace . . . not to mention what they will get themselves into next.

This book is set in the dead of winter . . . snowstorms included, and what says cozy more than winter, cold temperatures, snow falling, warm coffee, tasty donuts, and good friends!  I want to visit Donut Hearts bad!

One thing I realized about the cozy mystery series I really, really like is when the authors have a great deal of the book actually set in the cozy location whether it be a coffee shop, a donut shop, a craft shop, a library . . . or wherever.  After all this is why I read cozies.  I have found recently some authors that really take their books outside of the cozy locations and it bugs me . . .

I highly suggest this series.  Excellent for a vacation read, an airplane trip, or a great quick beach read!

And thank you Jessica Beck for keeping me company during my wisdom teeth recovery!

And remember,

Books Are Life,


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