Book Review – “Slice” by William Patterson

slice   Title:  Slice

Author:  William Patterson

Synopsis (from

Cut By Cut

When Jessie Clarkson left Sayer’s Brook, Connecticut, she was pregnant, terrified, and married to a psychopath. She knew Emil would do anything to prevent her incriminating him–if he ever found her. Staying alive for the sake of her child was all that mattered.

Inch By Inch

Five years later, Emil is dead and Jessie is ready to stop running. With her daughter Abby starting school, going home to be among friends and family makes sense. Until the murders start. All the victims are viciously stabbed and slashed across the throat. And each of them has a connection to Jessie.

He’s Getting Close Enough To Kill

Is Emil still alive, tracking her down–or do the answers lie elsewhere in her troubled past? One horrifying crime at a time, a killer is making his intentions clear. Jessie may have escaped Sayer’s Brook once. But someone is making sure she never leaves again. . .


My thoughts


Between all of my book club books and book reviews that I am doing for multiple blog tours, I have been falling behind on my reviews . . . so here goes it!

I both loved and hated this book!  How is that possible you ask?  Let me explain.  I literally could not put this book down from the beginning until a couple pages from the end – LOVED!  Then the last few pages happened and I entered my HATED zone!

This book was one of those reads that you literally are staying up until all hours of the night, watching the clock turn hour after hour, realizing that you have to go to work tomorrow, and bargaining yourself that you will read just one more chapter, just one more chapter.  The suspense was great, the story compelling.  I really felt like the author was a great storyteller.

And then in the last couple of pages, you find out that the book took a supernatural turn and involved the supernatural!  UGH!  Hated the ending.  It was an ending where I found myself saying, “Come on, are you serious?”

So ultimately as wonderful, exciting, fast paced as the book was, for me the ending left a huge bad taste in my mouth by having that unrealistic, supernatural component to it.

Worse yet for me was that I really felt used by this book as there was no indication in the description or the genre that it had a supernatural component.  Had I know that, I wouldn’t have bought it.  I thought it was pure thriller and then boom . . . disappointment!

For my reading taste, had the author left out the supernatural and found a different way to end the book . . . it really would have ranked up there with one of the most exciting, fast paced books that I have read in a while.

Truly an excellent read until the end!

And remember,

Books Are Life,




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