Book Review: “Hunting Eve” by Iris Johansen (Eve Duncan #17)

huntingeve  Title:  Hunting Eve

Author:  Iris Johansen

Series:  Eve Duncan #17  (Part of the trilogy: Taking Eve, Hunting Eve, Silencing Eve)

Synopsis (from  The stakes are raised even higher in Hunting Eve as Eve battles the man who is holding her prisoner. Secrets about why Eve has been targeted come into the light, bringing Eve even closer to danger. With its cliffhanger ending, Hunting Eve sets up perfectly for the finale, Silencing Eve.

My thoughts:  This is the second book in the latest trilogy by Iris Johansen consisting of Taking Eve, Hunting Eve, and Silencing  Eve.  Not much has changed from my original thoughts about this overall series from when I reviewed Taking Eve – please follow the link to see my thoughts!

I am a huge sucker for a series however, and of course I will make it through the entire trilogy, because frankly, I have to see what ultimately happens to Eve.   In fairness to this author, this series, and this trilogy, I will say that the overall pace of this book felt a bit more exciting than Taking Eve.  As the title suggests, the entire book revolves around the hunt and search for the missing Eve who has been taken by a ruthless killer.

The very end of this book would have been a rather amazing cliffhanger if it was not part of a trilogy.   As soon as you pick up book three or simply by the fact that there is a book three indicates that the end is well . . . not the end.   Now had this cliffhanger ending come as part of one of her stand alone books, its effect would have been much greater as the reader would have had to wait for about a year to see what happens!  Darn that trilogy 😦

Can you tell I am not a fan of this trilogy concept that this author is putting out there.  That being said, I have already picked up book 3 and am eager to see how this all wraps up.  Again, I do think that taking out much of the repetitive storyline, some of the fluff, and combining these three books into one would have made for quite an amazing book.

On to book 3 . . . stay tuned . . .

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