Book Review “A Chorus Lineup” by Joelle Charbonneau (Glee Club Mystery #3)


Title:  A Chorus Lineup

Author:  Joelle Charbonneau

Series:  Glee Club Mystery #3

Synopsis (from

Paige Marshall is back in the spotlight in Joelle Charbonneau’s newest Glee Club Mystery. This time the high school show choir coach is fighting to keep her singers in a national competition despite charges of sabotage…   They have the talent. They have the heart. Nothing can stop Prospect Glen’s choir from taking home the trophy in the Show Choir National Competition. But below the soaring voices, there are murmurs of suspicion. So-called accidents keep befalling the other choirs. Yet Prospect Glen remains untouched.   With their competitors clamoring for them to be disqualified, the group may soon be singing a different tune. If there’s anyone who can restore harmony to the competition, it’s Paige. But this time she’ll needs to stick her neck out to discover who’s behind the sabotage, or she may end up singing her own swan song…

My thoughts:  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this cozy mystery series!  The books in this series just keep getting better and as I finished this one (which basically just came out), I was already online looking if I could find info on the 4th book in the series and when it would come out – no such luck, but I will keep a look out!!
Bare with me as I know my reviews on this series may sound the same, but some of these factors bear repeating.
As a musician myself, I was very skeptical about this series when it first came out in the cozy genre.  I was fearful that it was going to be an overly cheesy version of the TV show “Glee” meets cozy mystery genre . . . but hear me that it is NOT, NOT, NOT, this in any way.  It is a well-written, fun, humorous story of a high school show choir in the suburbs of Chicago and one of their directors, Paige Marshall, an opera singer who is waiting for her big break in the opera world.
I love the characters in this series . . . I love Paige’s humor, the relationships between the characters (which in this book get very, very interesting, please tell me more)!  The kids in the show choir are great . . . and overall the mystery plots are well written and just plain fun to read.
As a musician/music therapist living in this very area, I just love recognizing some of the places she describes and feel like I am there.
Keep up the great work Joelle Charbonneau, and I beg of you . . .  write more in this series, faster 🙂
Overall, a great, fun cozy mystery series that will make you very glad you picked up the book!  Go get them now!  You won’t regret it.
And remember,
Books Are Life,

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