Book Review: Evil Eclairs by Jessica Beck (Donut Shop Mystery #4)


Title:  Evil Eclairs

Author:  Jessica Beck

Series:  Donut Shop Mystery #4

Synopsis (from

Donut shop owner Suzanne Hart admits her sweet treats don’t exactly qualify as health food. But does she really deserve to be labeled a “killer” by local radio jockey Lester Moorefield? The annoying host is urging citizens to boycott Suzanne’s “deadly dough” factory—until he’s found dead himself, stuffed with one of Suzanne’s éclairs…

Everyone in April Springs knows about the feud between Lester and Suzanne, which makes her the number-one suspect. She tries to use the donut defense—donuts don’t kill people, people kill people—but that cream-filled éclair at the scene of the crime has the whole town filled with suspicion. If Suzanne can’t figure out who killed the radio star, she’ll soon be filling a prison cell instead of a pastry…


My thoughts:

Well I have gotten back to my desire to finish up the Donut Shop mysteries and I am sure glad I decided to do so.

I truly enjoy this series.  Of course I love the location . .. and like most of my cozy series, I truly so wish that I had a shop like Donut Hearts in my community where I could hang out and have such lovely people!  Ok, yes folks . . . I like to live in my books 🙂

I also truly enjoy the characters in this series.  Suzanne and especially her best friend, Grace, are fun, charming, endearing, and just a pleasure to read.

Overall, a great foodie themed series!  If you are a fan of cozy mysteries and particularly foodie cozies . . . definitely give this series a try!

And remember,

Books Are Life,



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