Book Review: “Ruthless” by Debra Webb (Faces of Evil #6)


Title:  Ruthless

Author:  Debra Webb

Series:  Faces of Evil

Synopsis (from

Three photos of three unknown women. Sent to Deputy Chief Jess Harris by the Player, one of the world’s most sadistic killers. The Player is taunting her, and Jess is more than ready to take on his challenge. Only one thing could distract her from the Player’s deadly game: the appearance of a clue to long-unsolved cases. For years Birmingham’s children were vanishing-one per year, always on a full moon-until the disappearances stopped and the Man in the Moon case went cold. No leads on the children were ever found-until now.

Jess has no choice but to pursue the case. Someone is reaching out to her, sending her mementos of the missing children, and the citizens of Birmingham deserve justice. But after years of silence, has the Man in the Moon really resurfaced? Or is he just another pawn in the Player’s game?


My thoughts:  Anyone who has read my blog knows I absolutely love this series.  Ruthless, gives us another great thriller in the Faces of Evil series.  Jess Harris and Dan are back in action, and better than ever.

After I finished book #5, it left me with my mouth agape and I literally went online and ordered what was available for the rest of the series.  Phew, it is good.

This author most definitely is the queen of “leave you hanging” endings, which make the next book even better.  I love cliffhangers.

I hate reading spoilers however, so I won’t ruin it for anyone, but let me just say that in Ruthless Jess discovers something less than expected about herself and her family of origin!!!!!!!

This is a wonderful series for those who love great police thrillers with a serial killer twist.

I must go and continue on with book #7, Vicious.  #10 should be arriving at my door any day . . .yes of course I pre-ordered it 🙂

And remember,

Books Are Life,



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