Book Review: “Kill em With Cayenne” by Gail Oust (Spice Shop Mystery #2)


cayenne1  Title:  Kill ’em With Cayenne

  Author:  Gail Oust

  Series:  Spice Shop Mystery series #2

  Synopsis (from

Kill ‘Em with Cayenne, a brand new finger-lickin’ good mystery from Gail Oust, featuring small-town Georgia spice shop owner Piper Prescott, a smart and spunky amateur sleuth.

Spices are flying off the shelves of Spice It Up!, and Piper Prescott couldn’t be happier. It’s that time of year again—time for the annual Brandywine Creek Barbecue Festival. Soon contestants and BBQ aficionados from all over the Southeast will converge on the town. Many of Brandywine Creek’s citizens plan to participate in the week-long festivities and are busily concocting savory rubs and sassy sauces. Among the locals vying for the grand prize are Becca Dapkins and Maybelle Humphries. The women have been arch enemies ever since Buzz Oliver dumped Maybelle after a thirteen-year courtship and started seeing Becca.

When Becca’s body is found near one of the festival booths, bludgeoned by a brisket, Maybelle becomes one of Chief Wyatt McBride’s top suspects. Determined to help clear her friend’s name, Piper begins her own investigation, much to McBride’s consternation. As the festival draws closer, will Piper and Reba Mae be able to find the real killer and clear Maybelle’s name? Will Piper make it to the annual shag contest with Doug Winters, the mild-mannered vet she’s been seeing? And, who will win the BBQ cook-off?


My thoughts:  I was lucky enough to read and review the first book in this series in 2013, Rosemary and Crime, so I am really glad that I have the chance to share my thoughts about this second book, Kill ’em with Cayenne.  I really, really enjoy this wonderful cozy mystery series.

Piper Prescott and her wonderful cast of characters are back for another adventure surrounding her spice shop Spice It Up!

This is a charming, funny, and overall enjoyable cozy mystery series that really shouldn’t be missed.  The characters are fun and quirky, the premise of a Spice Shop cozy intriguing and different, and the mystery is  always a good time!!!

I am really glad that the author decided to add some wonderful recipes in the back of this book and also included a bit of education in the back about different kinds of spices . . . I will say one learns quite a bit about different spices in this series!

If you are a lover of the cozy mystery genre and enjoy a good, fast read. . . this is the series for you.  Go out and get your hands on this book, you won’t be disappointed.


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One response to “Book Review: “Kill em With Cayenne” by Gail Oust (Spice Shop Mystery #2)

  1. joyweesemoll

    Hopping over from the Foodies Read challenge…(still)

    A spice shop owner sounds like a fun sleuth for a cozy mystery!

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