Book Review: “Book Clubbed” by Lorna Barrett (Booktown Mystery #8)


Title:  Book Clubbed

Author:  Lorna Barrett

Series:  Booktown Mystery #8

Synopsis (from

The New York Times bestselling author of Not the Killing Type is back in Booktown with another page-turning mystery. Bookstore owner Tricia Miles and her sister, Angelica, must put their problems on the shelf to catch a killer who turns a bookcase into a murder weapon…

After cranky Chamber of Commerce receptionist Betsy Dittmeyer is crushed by a fallen bookcase, the next item to be read is her will, which is packed with surprises. It seems Betsy was hiding volumes of secrets behind her perpetual frown—one of which might have been a motive for murder.

While Tricia tries to help Angelica—the newly elected Chamber of Commerce president—solve the mystery, she discovers a hidden chapter in her own family history. And with her ex-husband and the chief of police vying for her affections, it’s doubly hard to focus on who buried Betsy in a tomb of tomes.

But Tricia and Angelica will need to watch their step carefully to make sure the killer doesn’t catch them between the stacks.


My thoughts:  Well I can’t beat about the bush here . . . I love this cozy series, but I fear that it is getting a bit stale and old.  The last couple books I have read in this series have just not felt the same and I feel like I’m trudging through waiting for the action to happen.

One of the problems I’m noticing is that the books are starting to focus on the events of the city and the shopkeepers rather than any murder mystery . . . in amongst all of fluff in the story I realize that the actual murder mystery is completely lost.

I love the premise of the cozy series . . . I mean what on earth is better that a cozy surrounding a mystery book store in a town called Booktown.

I am hopeful that the author freshens up this series in the next installment coming out soon, The Final Chapter!

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Books Are Life,


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