“Life in Motion” by Misty Copeland


Title:  Life in Motion

Author:  Misty Copeland

Synopsis (from bn.com): Misty Copeland, an African-American soloist at the American Ballet Theatre, shares her harrowing life story from her humble beginnings to dancing with one of the most prestigious ballet companies in the world.


My thoughts:  I started to become very intrigued with Misty Copeland during all of the recent Facebook posts and news reports when she was promoted to the first African-American soloist at ABT.  Hence, of course as any good avid reader would do, I picked up a copy of her book at the library!

I readily admit that I was a bit fearful that this book would be the typical “poor girl from very humble, awful beginnings defies all odds to become a star” and leave me wanting something more.   I was pleasantly surprised that although yes there of course was the “rags to riches” story, it was done very well and made for a nice read.

As I was reading, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the struggles and process of what it takes to become a world-renowned prima ballerina.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book – the story, the artistry, the power of the human spirit to follow ones dreams!


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Books Are Life,


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One response to ““Life in Motion” by Misty Copeland

  1. I love Misty Copeland, she’s so inspiring. Had somehow missed that she has a book, will have to check it out!

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