Book Review: “Cinnamon Toasted” by Gail Oust (Spice Shop Mystery #3)

cinnamon toastedTitle:  Cinnamon Toasted

Author:  Gail Oust

Series:  Spice Shop Mystery #3

Synopsis (from

Peppered with the perfect amount of humor, romance, and suspense―plus recipes!―
spice shop owner Piper Prescott’s taste for cracking down on small-town crime in this savory new series is always a rollicking good time.

Beneath her twinsets and pearls, Melly, Piper Prescott’s former mother-in-law, is a techno geek at heart who has just received an offer from a major software company that she can’t refuse. News in Brandywine Creek, Georgia, spreads faster than Piper’s own cinnamon honey butter, and soon Melly is the toast of the town. Especially when one of her new corporate investors, Chip Balboa, comes to town for Oktoberfest. Soon cloves and cardamom are flying off Piper’s shelves…

But all that changes when Chip’s corpse turns up at the foot of Melly’s basement. Questions quickly heat up when hunky police chief Wyatt McBride arrives on the scene. Why did it take Melly so long to report the incident―is it because she and Chip exchanged red-hot words before he turned up dead? Piper knows that Melly would never hurt a fly on a sticky bun, and she enlists the help of her BFF Reba Mae to clear her name. But can they sniff out the real killer before Melly gets burned…for good?


My thoughts:  Well . . . what can I say about this one?  This third installment of Oust’s Spice Shop mystery series was just ok for me.  I don’t know whether it was because I just took too long to get through it or if it was just in the writing and the pacing.  I can’t decide but it was a bit blah for me.

I enjoyed the first two quite a bit more – because as odd as it sounds – those seemed to take place more in the actual Spice Shop and provide some interesting facts and tidbits about spices while this one did not at all.

Dear cozy mystery writers – I know you all like to shake things up a bit with your books, but don’t take your cozies and our favorite characters out of the wonderful locations/shops/coffee houses/bakeries, etc that are the very reason why I love cozies so much.  I want to experience, feel, see, and smell that wonderful cozy location – I want to imagine myself in that location.  It’s why I LOVE cozy mysteries – because I can escape into those places.

Overall, just an ok read for me.  Overall, a nice fun series for cozy lovers!!

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