Book Review “The Book Supremacy” by Kate Carlisle (Bibliophile Series #13)

book supremacy

Title:  The Book Supremacy

Author:  Kate Carlisle

Series:  Bibliophile Series #13

Synopsis (from  Newlyweds Brooklyn and Derek are enjoying the final days of their honeymoon in Paris. As they’re browsing the book stalls along the Seine, Brooklyn finds the perfect gift for Derek, a first edition James Bond novel, The Spy Who Loved Me. When they bump into Ned, an old friend from Derek’s spy days, Brooklyn shows him her latest treasure.

Once they’re back home in San Francisco, they visit a spy shop Ned mentioned. The owner begs them to let him display the book Brooklyn found in Paris as part of the shop’s first anniversary celebration. Before they agree, Derek makes sure the security is up to snuff—turns out, the unassuming book is worth a great deal more than sentimental value.

Soon after, Derek is dismayed when he receives a mysterious letter from Paris announcing Ned’s death. Then late one night, someone is killed inside the spy shop. Are the murders connected to Brooklyn’s rare, pricey book? Is there something even more sinister afoot? Brooklyn and the spy who loves her will have to delve into the darkest parts of Derek’s past to unmask an enemy who’s been waiting for the chance to destroy everything they hold dear.

My thoughts:  This was just a wonderfully delightful, fun book-themed cozy!   I already loved this series . . . but this one really knocked it out of the park for me.

What was super fun about this one for me was that much of it was set in a Spy shop complete with café, Escape rooms, a book nook and the works!  What a great setting.

Love the solid characters in this series . . .

If you are a book lover, a cozy lover, . . . then get your hands on this series.

And remember,

Books Are Life,




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