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2016 Reading Challenge time: Cruisin’ Thru the Cozies Reading Challenge

January 1 marks the time to choose my reading challenges for the year.  Needless to say given my love of all things cozy I’m joining this challenge once again.  I’m feeling hopeful this year and am entering at the level of:

Level 4 – Sleuth Extraordinaire – Read 21 or more books

Time to get reading!  Have fun all!

And remember,

Books Are Life,



Welcome to the sixth annual Cruisin’ thru the Cozies Reading Challenge! Six years later and I’m still loving those cozies! I hope you’ll join me in this challenge.

To find out exactly what a cozy mystery is, check out Cozy-Mystery.com. This site is dedicated to cozy mysteries and does a great job of defining them as well as giving a list of cozy mysteries. This challenge is NOT restricted to what is on their list, it’s just to be used as a guideline in case you need some hints on what to read.

So, here are the rules…

1. Choose the level you wish to participate:

Level 1 – Snoop – Read at least 6 books

Level 2 – Investigator – Read 7-12 books

Level 3 – Super Sleuth – Read 13-20 books

Level 4 – Sleuth Extraordinaire – Read 21 or more books

2. The challenge runs from January 1, 2016 and ends December 31, 2016.

3. You don’t have to choose your books in advance. If you do, you can change your list at any time during the year. Books can overlap with other challenges.

4. Books can be in any format – paper, audio, ebooks…it all counts!

5. You don’t have to post a review, but I’m sure others would love to know about the books you are reading and may even want to add it to their reading lists.

NOTE: If you don’t have a blog and want to participate, that’s fine. You don’t have to have a blog, just post in the comments section as you finish books. If you belong to a site like Goodreads and review the books there, that’s fine too. Just leave us the link.  I also have a group for this challenge on Goodreads and you can sign up by clicking here.

6. If you do have a blog, take the button above, put it on your blog and post about the challenge. Then add your name to Mr. Linky below. Please use the link of your challenge post, not the link to your home page.

7. I’m going to have one link for signing up, one link for completed reviews and one link for your wrap up posts. I won’t be having a monthly link, just one for all reviews read for this challenge.

Have fun!


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Book Review – “The Diva Haunts the House” by Krista Davis

divahauntsthehouse  Title:  The Diva Haunts the House

Author:  Krista Davis

Series:  Domestic Diva Mystery #5

Publisher:  Penguin


Synopsis (from bn.com):

Domestic diva Sophie Winston is getting into the Halloween spirit- her decorations for a community haunted house are so good, it’s scary. Not to be outdone, rival domestic diva Natasha is throwing a spooktacular Halloween party at her house. But when Sophie arrives, she discovers one of Natasha’s guests dead in a Halloween display, and a pale, fanged partygoer fleeing the scene.

Could the killer be a real vampire-the same one rumored to have lived in Sophie’s haunted house back when it was a boardinghouse? Good thing a domestic diva never runs out of garlic.


My thoughts:  Well “The Diva Haunts the House” brings us to the 5th installment in the Dometic Diva Mystery series.  Overall, I like this book in the series, but it wasn’t my favorite.  I just can’t point to exactly what in this series makes it not as engaging to me as other cozy mystery stories.  I just can’t put my finger on it.  I have a love/hate relationship with this series – love one, the next is only ok, love the next one, then the next one falls flat.

This is one that fell a bit flat for me.  It just seemed a bit slow and I found myself dragging it out – maybe because it was a story set at Halloween and I was trying to read it as spring is struggling to come out in the Chicago area 🙂   The characters are good, yet not great.  The plot is good, yet not great.  I think you get where I am going with this.   I wish the author would focus more on the caddy, yet funny relationship between Sophie and Natasha.  It is still there, but in this book and a couple of others Natasha seems to really have taken a back seat, and let’s be real she is the character we all love to hate!

Overall, an ok read.  I have one book left to finish up this series before a new one come out . . . but I think it is time for me to take a break from the Diva for a while!


And remember,

Books Are Life,


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Book Review – “The Curse of the Holy Pail” by Sue Ann Jaffarian (Odelia Grey #2)

curseofholypail  Title:  The Curse of the Holy Pail

Author:  Sue Ann Jaffarian

Series:  Odelia Grey #2

Publisher:  Midnight Ink


Synopsis (bn.com): Is the “Holy Pail” cursed? Every owner of the vintage Chappy Wheeler lunchbox–a prototype based on the 1940s TV western–has died. And now Sterling Price, business tycoon and a client of Odelia Grey’s law firm, has been fatally poisoned. Is it a coincidence that Price’s one-of-a-kind lunch pail–worth over thirty grand–has disappeared at the same time?

Treading cautiously since a recent run-in with a bullet, Odelia takes small bites of this juicy, calorie-free mystery–and is soon ravenous for more! Her research reveals a sixty-year-old unsolved murder and Price’s gold-digging ex-fiancée with two married men wrapped around her breasts . . . uh, finger. Mix in a surprise marriage proposal that sends an uncertain Odelia into chocolate sedation, and you’ve got an unruly recipe for delicious disaster.


My thoughts:  This is the second installment in the Odelia Grey series.  I do enjoy this series as I particularly enjoy the main character, somewhat chubby, paralegal Odelia Grey who finds herself somehow surrounded by a dead body no matter how much she just wants to stay out of trouble.   I must say I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I did the first in the series – it just wasn’t as hilarious as the first and the overall topic of a “cursed” lunch pail was just a bit odd to me.   tThis book didn’t hold my interest like the first, but I will continue with the series to see how it goes.

Overall, a fun, light cozy read with a loveable main character.

And remember,

Books Are Life,



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Book Review – “Book, Line, and Sinker” by Jenn McKinlay (Library Lover’s #3)

booklinesinker  Title:  Book, Line, and Sinker

Author:  Jenn McKinlay

Series:  Library Lover’s Mystery #3

Publisher:  Penguin


Synopsis (from bn.com): “Avast” in pirate speak means what?*
Answering tricky reference questions like this one provides plenty of excitement for library director Lindsey Norris. But when a shocking murder is committed in her cozy coastal town of Briar Creek, Connecticut, the question of who did it must be answered before an innocent man gets the book thrown at him…   Lindsey is enjoying her second year in Briar Creek as the library director, meeting with the crafternoon club, and happily dating tour boat captain Mike Sullivan. But when a salvage company arrives in town to dig up treasure buried on Pirate Island over three hundred years ago, the locals are torn between protecting the island and welcoming the publicity.    In spite of the squabbling, Charlie Peyton, Lindsey’s downstairs neighbor, takes a job with the salvage company. But when Trudi Hargrave, the local tourism director who hired the company, is found murdered at the excavation site, Charlie becomes the chief suspect. To help him, Lindsey must do some digging of her own before the real killer buries the truth for good


My thoughts:  Book, Line, and Sinker brings us to the third installment of the Library Lover’s Mystery series.  Let go from her job as an archivist at Yale, Lindsey Norris finds herself the Library Director in the small town of Briar Creek, CT!

I do enjoy this series.  It offers many of the features of a good cozy mystery – charming, likeable characters; a quaint, cozy setting; an independent female character who all of a sudden decides she is Sherlock Holmes; budding romance; . . .

I must admit that I enjoy Jenn McKinlay’s Cupcake Bakery series a bit more.  There is something about this series that doesn’t hook me like other series I read.  I find it a bit odd that in the last two books, the actual murder part of the mystery doesn’t happen until about 1/3 of the way through the book.  This doesn’t so much build suspense for me as it does just make me want to get to the murder already.

Overall, an enjoyable read.  Quick, easy, and light with some likeable characters and some questions at the end which make you of course want to pick up the next book in the series . . .  “Read It and Weep”.


And remember,

Books Are Life,




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Book Review – “Due or Die” by Jenn McKinlay (Library Lover’s #2)

dueordie  Title:  Due or Die

Author:  Jenn McKinlay

Publisher:  Penguin

Series:  Library Lover’s Mystery #2



Synopsis (from bn.com):  Answering tricky reference questions is excitement enough for library director Lindsey Norris. Until a murder is committed in her cozy hometown of Briar Creek, Connecticut, and the question of who did it must be answered before someone else is checked out—for good.


My thoughts:  This is the second book in the Library Lover’s Mystery series.  I must say that I do enjoy this series.  I find the characters charming, warm, and inviting and the storylines fun!  This particular book truly puts the cozy in the “cozy mystery” in that it is set in the middle of a snowstorm.  It just invites you to tuck in under your favorite blankie, grab your favorite hot beverage and enjoy the read!

One thing I did find odd about this book was that it really didn’t focus on finding the killer until well after half the book was finished.  The first half of the book if not a bit more really served as dialogue between the characters.  I assume this was the author’s way of letting us get to know the characters better as the series continues.  It just felt a bit different especially for a book in the mystery genre.

I am not sure if I like this Library Lover’s series of Jenn McKinlay or her Cupcake bakery books better!  Time will tell.

Overall, an enjoyable, light read with fun, cozy characters!

And remember,

Books Are Life,



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Book Review – “Death by Darjeeling” by Laura Childs (Tea Shop Mystery #1)

death by darjeeling  Title:  Death by Darjeeling

Author:  Laura Childs

Series:  The Tea Shop Mystery #1

Publisher:  Penguin Books


Synopsis (from book cover):  Meet Theodosia Browning, owner of Charleston’s beloved Indigo Tea Shop.  Patrons love her blend of delicious tea tastings and Southern hospitality.  And Theo enjoys the full-bodied flovor of a town steeped in history and mystery . . .

It’s tea for two hundred or so at the annual historic homes garden party.  And Theodosia, as event caterer, is bussy serving steaming teas and blackberry scones while guests sing her praises.  but the sweet smell of success turnes to sspense when an esteemed gues is found dead – his hand clutching an empty teacup.  All eyes are on Theo . . . who is now trying desperately to save her repuation and track down the real killer.  If only she can make sense of it all – before someone else takes their last sip …

My thoughts:  In Death by Darjeeling, the first installment of Laura Child’s bestselling Tea Mystery Series, we meet Theoedosia Browning, owner of the quaint Indigo Tea Shop.   This is an older cozy mystery series, that I have finally gotten around to working my way through – and I am certainly glad that I did.

I really enjoyed this book.  The characters were wonderful, the setting very inviting, and I want to read more, which is always good!  I, myself, am not a huge tea drinker, but this series has really piqued my interest in the whole world of tea.  Even though it is a simply, fun mystery, it really educated me quite a bit about the tea world  – where it is grown, how to properly steep the tea, different kinds of tea.  It has made me want to find a great Tea Tasting in my community.

Overall, a fun read in a great series!  I have already started book #2 “Gunpowder Green”.

And remember

Books Are Life,



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Book Review – “Holiday Buzz” by Cleo Coyle (Coffeehouse Mystery #12)

holiday buzz  Title:  Holiday Buzz

Author:  Cleo Coyle

Series:  A Coffeehouse Mystery #12

Publisher:  Berkley Prime Crime


Synopsis (from bn.com):

Holiday time is party time in New York City, but after a sparkling winter bash ends with a murder, Village Blend coffeehouse manager Clare Cosi vows to put the killer on ice…

At the Great New York Cookie Swap, pastry chefs bake up their very best for charity. Clare is in charge of the beverage service, and her famous Fa-la-la-la Lattes make the gathering even merrier. But her high spirits come crashing down to earth, when she discovers the battered body of a hard-working baker’s assistant.

Police suspect a serial attacker whose escalating crimes have become known as “The Christmas Stalkings.” Clare’s boyfriend, NYPD detective Mike Quinn, finds reason to believe even more sinister forces are involved. Clare isn’t so sure—and when she finds a second bludgeoned baker, she becomes a target. Now Clare is spending the holiday season pouring over clues, and she’s not going to rest until justice is served.


My thoughts:  Anyone who has ever read this blog knows that Cleo Coyle’s Coffeehouse Mystery series is one of my absolute favorite cozy mystery series.  Perhaps this is because I am an absolute coffee addict . . . nah, that can’t be 🙂   This cozy series most definitely meets my two criteria for a great cozy:

1.  The main character, Clare Cosi, is a strong, empowered female character.  She has a head on her shoulders and isn’t a ditzy character (which drives me crazy).

2.  The main setting in the series has to be ultra inviting and I have to want to be in that place. The Village Blend definitely qualifies.  Every time I read a Coffeehouse Mystery, I long to be in that very place.  I have a vivid picture in my head of what The Village Blend looks like to me, where the tables are, what the coffee bar looks like, what the upstairs looks like!  The more I read this series, the more I just know The Village Blends exists . . . somewhere . . . and I need to be there!

I love the characters in this series as well.   I love their friendships and their camaraderie.  I want to know more, especially where the relationship between Mike Quinn and Clare is going 🙂

This book includes some delicious looking recipes in the back for cookies and other sweet treats!  Can’t wait to try some!

In short, this series is an absolute MUST read!  I can’t wait for the next installment – “Billionaire Blend” due to be released in October 2013!

Go out and get this book along with the previous 11 in the series.  You won’t be sorry!

And remember,

Books Are Life,





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New Cozy Mystery Releases January 2013

Hi all,

I love the beginning of a new year!  It just feels like you are starting with a completely clean slate, like you have a fresh start on your goals.  Many of those goals for me have to do with what else . . . books and reading.  The beginning of a new year means new releases, new authors, new series, new reading challenges, new blog posts, new followers, and more reading.

Here are some new cozy mystery releases for January 2013!  Have fun shopping!

silence of the llamas  Title:  The Silence of the Llamas

Author:  Anne Canadeo

Series:  Black Sheep Knitting Mystery Series #5)

Publication date:  January 22, 2013


Summary (from bn.com):

Ellie and Ben Krueger arrived in Plum Harbor eager to live out their dream—tending a herd of gentle, friendly llamas for fun and profit, on a farm just beyond the village. Their grand opening fiber festival kicks off on a bright note but abruptly ends in malicious mayhem. Knitting shop owner Maggie Messina and her friends soon learn that this is not the first time a vicious visitor has called.

The Kruegers suspect that Justin Ridley, their eccentric neighbor, is the troublemaker. A misfit and loner, he’s known to roam the woods all night, though no one knows for sure what he’s hunting. Then there’s Angelica Rossi—the lovely owner of a rival fiber farm—who’s been as busy as a spider, spinning spiteful lies about the Kruegers’ yarns. Or, are the naïve newcomers merely caught in the tangle of Plum Harbor politics, and an intense land protection debate?

Suddenly, vandalism turns to murder—and the Kruegers’ dream descends into a nightmare. The Black Sheep knitters must pull the threads together and uncover this crafty menace . . . before more lives—and more llamas— are lost.


footprints in the sand  Title:  Footprints in the Sand

Author:  Mary Jane Clark

Series:  Piper Donovan Wedding Cake Mystery Series #3)

Summary (from bn.com):

It’s the dead of winter and struggling actress and wedding-cake decorator Piper Donovan is thrilled to be in warm and romantic Sarasota, Florida, enjoying the powdery white beaches, soothing seas, and golden sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico. She and her family are there to celebrate her beloved cousin’s wedding. Not only is Piper creating the sugar-sand-dollar-festooned wedding cake, she’s also the maid of honor.

But a cloud seems to be hovering over the whole affair. Shortly after a bridesmaid mysteriously disappears, a kindly neighbor’s car is run off the road and a prospective witness, an innocent Amish teenager, is threatened to keep silent. Then a body is found on the beach where the wedding will take place. With the nuptials threatened, it falls to Piper to unmask a killer. Could it be the wedding planner with something to hide? A doctor and his wife who collect unusual Japanese figurines? The best man, an ex–drug dealer with lecherous eyes and roving hands? What about her cousin’s future stepfather—or even the bridegroom himself?

As Piper gets close to figuring out who’s been covering his guilty footprints in the sand, the cunning killer has already set his sights on Piper as his next victim!


scrapped  Title:  Scrapped

Author:  Mollie Cox Bryan

Series:  Cumberland Creek Mystery Series #2

Publication Date:  12/31/12

Summary (from bn.com):

The ladies of the Cumberland Scrapbook Crop are welcoming an eccentric newbie into their fold. A self-proclaimed witch, Cookie Crandall can whip up a sumptuous vegan meal and rhapsodize about runes and moon phases with equal aplomb. She becomes fast friends with her fellow scrapbookers, including freelance reporter Annie, with whom she shares shallow roots in a community of established family trees. So when Cookie becomes the prime suspect in a series of bizarre murders, the croppers get scrappy and set out to clear her name. . .

Annie starts digging and discovers that the victims each had strange runic patterns carved on their bodies—a piece of evidence that points the police in Cookie’s direction. Even her friends begin to doubt her innocence when they find an ornate, spiritual scrapbook that an alleged beginner like Cookie could never have crafted. As Annie and the croppers search for answers, they’ll uncover a shockingly wicked side of their once quiet town—and a killer on the prowl for another victim. . .


fonduing fathers  Title:  Fonduing Father

Author:  Julie Hyzy

Series:  White Hosue Chef Mystery Series #6

Publication Date:  12/31/12


Summary (from bn.com):

White House executive chef Olivia Paras has enough on her plate. But after gaining new information about her father’s death, the First Family isn’t the only family Olivia is concerned about…

Olivia has always believed that her father was an honorable man—until a trip to visit her mother reveals that he was dishonorably discharged from the army. Olivia is even more shocked to learn that he was brutally murdered because someone at his company suspected him of selling corporate secrets. Refusing to believe that her father was a scoundrel, Olivia won’t rest until she proves his innocence.   Enlisting the help of her boyfriend, Gav, Olivia must reach out to her father’s colleagues to discover the truth behind his murder. What she’s about to discover may not only put her at risk, but threaten national security as well…


panic button  Title:  Panic Button

Author:  Kylie Logan

Series:  Button Box Mystery Series #3

Publication Date:  12/31/12


Summary (from bn.com):

Josie Giancola, owner of the Button Box shop, knows her buttons. But when she comes into contact with a rare charm string, she never imagines it will lead to murder…

Josie is approached at her shop to appraise a very rare item—a complete charm string. In Victorian times, girls strung buttons on long strings to make the charms. Once the string reached 1,000 buttons—no two alike—the legend was that the owner would meet her beloved.

But the owner of this charm string is not looking for love—she’s desperate to donate the piece to a museum and be rid of it. She believes the string is far from charmed—it’s cursed. When Josie finds the woman strangled with the charm string, she doesn’t know whether the curse is real…but the killer certainly is.


grounds to kill  Title:  Grounds to Kill

Author:  Wendy Roberts

Series:  Latte, Espresson, Cappuccino, & Murder Mystery Series #1

Publication Date:  1/7/13 (ebook only)


Summary (from bn.com):

Barista Jen Hanby’s coworkers give her a hard time for bringing coffee and pastries to a homeless man who sits outside her café—but she has a secret. The scruffy man is her father.

She’s also hiding the little matter of why her palm itches. But how can she explain that her hand has a mind of its own and writes messages from the beyond? Right. That’ll get her Employee of the Month.

When she finds herself scrawling your boyfriend is cheating on you! to herself on the bathroom mirror, she immediately dumps the guy. But then his little fling—who just happens to be her half sister—turns up dead, and suddenly Jen’s homeless father is the prime suspect.

Jen knows he is being framed and must take matters into her own hands to protect him. But will anyone believe that the crazy old man is innocent? Or that his spirit-writing daughter holds the truth?


And remember,

Books Are Life,



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Book Review – “A Spoonful of Murder” by Connie Archer (Soup Lover’s Mystery #1)

   Title:  A Spoonful of Murder (Soup Lover’s Mystery #1)

Author:  Connie Archer

Publisher:  Berkley Publishing Group

Synopsis (from bn.com):

Winter is big business in small-town Snowflake, Vermont. Tourists arrive to hit the ski slopes—and what could be more satisfying after a chilly day of carving powder than a steaming bowl of soup? When Lucky Jamieson inherits her parents’ soup shop, By the Spoonful, she realizes it’s time to take stock of her life. Should she sell her parents’ house or move in herself? Does she really want to run a restaurant business? And what about her grandfather Jack, who seems to be showing signs of Alzheimer’s?

But her life decisions are moved to the back burner after an icy blonde tourist is found frozen to death behind the soup shop. and Lucky is bowled over when her soup chef, Sage DuBois, is led out of the kitchen by the police. As suspicion and speculations snowball, Lucky decides that the only way to save her employee and her business is to find out herself who iced the tourist—and landed her chef in the soup…

My thoughts:  Any reader of this blog knows how much I adore my cozy mysteries.  There is nothing I like to see more as I am browsing the Mystery section of Barnes & Noble than the words “First in a New Series” on the cover of a book!  And so enters another addition into the lovely cozy world.

Tell me, what possibly could be cozier than winter in Vermont and a soup shop!  Perfection.

I reallly enjoyed this first book in the series and am eagerly awaiting the next one.

This book seemed to meet what is soon becoming my 2 criteria for a good cozy series:

1.  The main character in the book (normally a female in these cozies) can’t be so incredibly ditzy and flaky that it turns me off!  The main character here, Lucky, really seems to have a head on her shoulders and appears to be a strong female character.  After losing both of her parents and inheriting their soup restaurant, By The Spoonful, she is faced with many difficult decisions.  Where will she now live?  Will she continue her parents’ business?  How will she care for her grandfather?  I like her and I want to know more about her story!

2.  The main setting of the book needs to be so inviting, I simply want to crawl into the book and be there!  Again, this book is right on target with this for me.  As I was reading, the more and more I simply wanted to find By The Spoonful and go inside.  I could literally taste and smell the wonderful homemade soups and feel myself coming in from the cold, winter air of Vermont and warming up with a delicious bowl of hot soup and a cup of coffee!  They are called cozies for a reason 🙂

I really enjoyed the characters in this book.  They seemed real, down-to-earth, and most importantly I wanted to know more about them and hear more of their stories!

I am looking forward to delving into the next book in this series coming out April 2013 – “A Broth of Betrayal”.

This book includes delicious recipes including:  Potato-Yam Soup, Wild Mushroom Soup, Tomato Spinach Soup, Goat Cheese & Pancetta Sandwich, French Toast Sandwich

And remember,

Books Are Life,



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Book Review – “A Brew to a Kill” by Cleo Coyle (Coffeehouse Mystery #11)

  Title:  A Brew to a Kill (Coffeehouse Mystery #11)

Author:  Cleo Coyle

ISBN:  9780425247877

Publisher:  Berkley Publishing Group

Synopsis (from bn.com):

Coffee. It can get a girl killed.

A shocking hit-and-run in front of her Village Blend coffeehouse spurs Clare Cosi into action. A divorced, single mom in her forties, Clare is also a dedicated sleuth, and she’s determined to track down this ruthless driver who ran down an innocent friend and customer. In the meantime, her ex-husband Matt, the shop’s globetrotting coffee buyer, sources some amazing new beans from Brazil. But he soon discovers that he’s importing more than coffee, and Clare may have been the real target of that deadly driver. Can ex-husband and wife work together to solve this mystery? Or will their newest brew lead to murder? Includes recipes.

My thoughts:  I have found myself in a bit of a reading slump lately.  For an avid book reader and lover of books, this feels like a day without sunshine or if you should check if something is really wrong 🙂  So I decided to delve into some of my favorite cozy series to see if that could give me the jumpstart I needed.  This 11th book in the Cleo Coyle Coffeehouse Mystery Series did the trick and definitely did not disappoint.  I have to say hands down that this has got to be my favorite cozy series.  Perhaps it is because of my excessive love of and addiction to all things coffee – yes in fact I am enjoying a nice warm, strong cup of Kona directly from Hawaii as I write this 🙂  In my opinion, cozy mysteries are supposed to be just that – cozy!  Isn’t that why we read them, because we want to be transported away from our everyday life to that cozy spot, that bookstore, that sewing shop, that . . . whatever it is for you.  The coffeeshop in this series, The Village Blend, does just that for me!  I have this vivid picture in my head of how the coffee shop is all set up and where I want to sit as I tuck in with my warm coffee and a favorite book!  When I read this series, I can literally smell the coffee roasting in the basement, can taste the perfect espresso shot, and can taste the decadent desserts that are whipped up in the kitchen!  This series provides the perfect escape!

The characters are just plain delightful!  They are quirky, fun, creative, strong, and just plain likeable.  Everytime I open the pages of the books in this series, I feel like I’m somehow walking back into people I know and love!

I really enjoyed the overall storyline and plots in this particular book.  Let’s face it, cozy mysteries can seem rather cheesy and formulaic at times, but this series just doesn’t feel like that to me!

I highly recommend you make yourself a cup of coffee, a latte, a cappuccino, or whatever your drink of choice is and start this series!  you won’t regreat it!

Book #12 “Holiday Buzz” is available December 4!  A perfect way to take some time to relax during the busy Christmas season.

And remember,

Books Are Life,


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