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Book Review & Giveaway: “A Tale of Two Biddies” by Kylie Logan (League of Literay Ladies #2)



Title:  A Tale of Two Biddies

Author:  Kylie Logan

Series:  League of Literary Ladies

Synopsis (from bn.com):  When it comes to solving mysteries, these ladies are in a league of their own…

Summer can be the best of times or the worst of times for the resort town of Put-in-Bay on Lake Erie. For Bea Cartwright, business is booming as guests storm her B and B for the Bastille Day celebration. In honor of the holiday, the League of Literary Ladies is reading the Charles Dickens’ classic, A Tale of Two Cities. It would be hard to make a more apropos selection—especially when they have their very own Defarge sisters, elderly twins Margaret and Alice, who run the local knitting shop.

On Bastille Day, the head-banging rock band Guillotine shows their chops for the tourists—but the celebration is soon cut short. With something needling the Defarge dowagers and secrets that lead to murder, solving this mystery will be a far, far better thing than the Literary Ladies have done before. They’ll just have to make sure to keep their heads while they try to stop a killer’s reign of terror…

My thoughts:   How much do I love this series . . . LOVE IT!  This is book #2 in Kylie Logan’s wonderful League of Literary Ladies series including the debut book, Mayhem at the Orient Express!

First off, I absolutely love the premise of this series . . . in the first book, a group of bickering neighbors is court ordered by a judge to solve their nastiness by forming a book club and spending time together for 1 hour a week!  How great is that!  Well needless to say . . . alas, the League of Literary Ladies is formed.

I love the characters in this book . . . the ladies range from fun and humorous to quirky and just plain loveable.  Can anyone say Chandra????

I absolutely flew through this book and love the humor – believe me it is laugh out loud funny at times.  I read the first book in the series on a plane and had to suppress my laughter at times.

If you are a lover of all things cozy – do yourself a favor – go get a copy of this book, tuck in with your favorite winter beverage, and enjoy your day!  It will be worth it.


The author has graciously agreed to giveaway one print copy of the book to each blog on the tour.  To enter the giveaway please leave a comment on this post including your email address.  I will randomly choose a winner (using random.org) and then contact you via email to get your mailing address – US addresses only please.  I will choose the winner Monday, February 3, 2014.

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Book Review and GIVEAWAY “Chili Con Carnage” (Chili Cook-off Mystery #1) by Kylie Logan (



ChiliConCarnage  Title:  Chili con Carnage

Author:  Kylie Logan

Series:  Chili Cook-off Mystery

Publisher:  Berkley Prime Crime


Synopis (from bn.com):

Romance is supposed to be the spice of life. But Maxie Pierce is so done with bad relationships—well, almost. She just has to get rid of the latest loser, Roberto. Besides, she has more important things to worry about. Her daddy, Texas Jack Pierce, king of the chili cook-off circuit, has been missing for nearly six weeks now. In his place, she must team up with her irritating half sister, Sylvia, to promote the family business at the Taos Chili Showdown, to be judged by celebrity chef Carter Donnelly.

But when Maxie discovers Roberto’s body in the chef’s trailer—only hours after publicly breaking up with him while wearing a giant red chili pepper costume—she suddenly finds she’s the one in the spotlight as the police pepper her with questions. Now this Chili Chick needs to kick up the search to catch the real killer and get back to finding her father


My thoughts:  Anyone that has ever looked at this blog knows that I love my mysteries and I love my cozy mysteries even more.  When the opportunity came up to be a part of a blog tour on a new cozy in a new series by the author of cozy series I had read before, I jumped at the chance.

This is the first book in the new Chili Cook-off Mystery series by Kylie Logan, author of the Button Box Mysteries and The League of Literary Ladies series.  I have read books in both of these series and highly recommend, particularly the first book in The League of Literary Ladies series which I was reading on a plane and literally snickering out loud.

Ok, back to Chili con Carnage.  I really enjoyed this cozy mystery.  I liked the main characters, Maxie and her half-sister Sylvia – after all who doesn’t love a little conflict in a sibling relationship.  I found the supporting characters to also add a great deal to the book.  I loved that there was a humor added in – I love laughing during my reading ( I mean picturing Maxie running around in a chili costume, hilarious)!

Anyone who has ever peeked at this blog also knows that I like my cozy mystery series to have a strong female lead character – Maxie fits the bill indeed!

Being from Wisconsin and now living in Illinois I’m not at all familiar with the chili cook-off scene other than what I have seen on the Food Network.  I think if I would be more familiar with the scene (as those who live in the Southwest probably are), I would have gotten a better picture in my head of the whole scenario.

I strongly recommend this new series (after all what cozy mystery reader doesn’t love the seeing the words “First in a New Series” when we are shopping!)

I look forward to reading more in this series . . . and from me, Kylie please keep writing the League of Literary Ladies Mysteries – HILARIOUS!!


The author has graciously offered to give away one print copy of the book to each hosting blog.  To enter this giveaway simply leave a comment and your email on this post and you will be entered.  I will randomly select the winner on September 28.  I will then contact the winner via email to get their mailing address and the book will be on its way from the tour host.

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Book Review – Mayhem at the Orient Express (League of Literary Ladies #1) by Kylie Logan

mayhemattheorientexpress  Title:  Mayhem at the Orient Express

Author:  Kylie Logan (also author of the Button Box Mystery Series)

Series:  A League of Literary Ladies #1

Synopsis (from bn.com):

Most folks aren’t forced by court order to attend a library-book discussion group, but that’s just what happens to B and B proprietor and ex-Manhattanite Bea Cartwright, hippy cat lover Chandra Morrisey, and winery owner Kate Wilder after a small-town magistrate has had enough of their squabbling. South Bass, an island on Lake Erie, is home to an idyllic summer resort, but these three ladies keep disturbing the peace.

The initial book choice is Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express, and that sets their mouths to watering. The Orient Express is the island’s newest Chinese restaurant. They might not agree about much, but the ladies all love the orange chicken on the menu. But their meal is spoiled when the restaurant’s owner, Peter Chan, has the bad fortune of getting murdered. Now, with Christie as their inspiration, the League of Literary Ladies has a real mystery to solve…if they can somehow catch a killer without killing each other first.


My thoughts:  I had a Cozypalooza on my recent couple of weeks in Oahu, Hawaii and this was one that made the list.  I am so glad that it did.  I absolutely love my cozy mysteries and I love beginning new cozy series – so when I see on the front cover “First in a new series” I just have to buy it.

This is a wonderful, charming new cozy mystery series by Kylie Logan, the author of the Button Box Mystery Series as well.  I am very hopeful that there will be many in this series as it truly is a fun series.

I absolutely love the premise on which The League of Literary Ladies is started – namely, Bea, Chandra, and Kate being court ordered by a judge to attend a book discussion group because of their recent fighting and squabbles with each other.  What a creative premise for a series!

The characters are fun, engaging, charming, and most importantly funny which I love!  I love having laugh out loud moments during my reading, this series delivers.

As you see the characters becoming friends in this first book and creating the League of Literary Ladies, I could just picture where this series could go.  t this

If you love a great cozy mystery with a literary theme do yourself a favor and start this series.  I very much look forward to seeing what adventures they find themselves in next.

And remember,

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