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Book Review – “Patient One” by Leonard Goldberg

    Title:  Patient One

Author:  Leonard Goldberg

ISBN:  9780738730462

Publisher:  Midnight Ink


Synopsis (from BN.com):  U.S. President John Merrill is hosting Russian President Dimitri Suslev at a glittering state dinner to celebrate a new economic pact. As the after-dinner toasts begin, the two leaders, their wives, and scores of prominent guests become violently ill. Merrill and Suslev, along with the other stricken guests, are rushed to the nearest hospital. As Secret Service agents struggle to secure the hospital and locate Merrill’s daughter, the President’s personal physician — who’s been withholding critical medical information about the Commander-in- Chief — tries desperately to stabilize the President.

In the chaos, Chechen terrorists make their move, breaching the secured area and taking both presidents hostage. Emergency-room physician David Ballineau, a former commando struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder, and trauma nurse Carolyn Ross may be the President Merrill’s only hope for survival.


My thoughts:  This book was INCREDIBLE, AWESOME, AMAZING, 5 STARS, FANTASTIC!  Ok, if you get my drift, you realize that I loved this book.  Put it this way, you know a book is good when you are reading it by the pool at a resort on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii and you could give a care less what is happening at that pool and really have no idea what happened around you at all!  I literally could not put this book down.  I cruised through it in a day and wanted much, much more.

I became a huge fan of Leonard Goldberg’s medical dramas when he was writing his Joanna Blalock series.  Then all of a sudden he stopped writing, and I feared he was done.  Imagine my delight when I saw his new one Patient One had come out.

This book is fast-paced from the very beginning, it grabs you immediately and doesn’t let go until the very end.  It is a nail biting story of bio-terrorism, hostages, and a heroic physician who himself is struggling with PTSD.  I can’t describe how good it is any further, you just have to pick up a copy and get reading for yourself!


And this book reminds me how long it has been since I have read a great medical drama.  There doesn’t seem to be as many on the market as there were a couple years ago.  Anyone know of any great new medical dramas?

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