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Blog Tour and Book Review: “A Crafty Christmas” by Mollie Cox Bryan (Cumberland Creek Mystery #4)




Title:  A Crafty Christmas

Author:  Mollie Cox Bryan

Series:  Cumberland Creek Mystery #4

Synopsis (from amazon.com):  Christmas is just around the corner, and the ladies of the Cumberland Creek Scrapbook Crop are thrilled when Sheila wins the first place prize in a scrapbooking design contest: a ten-day scrapbook-themed cruise in the Caribbean. Vera and Paige decide to tag along, which should pose the perfect opportunity to learn some new techniques, mingle with fellow croppers, and get in some rest and relaxation before the chaos of Christmas. But when Sheila finds a famous crafter dead, and investigators determine she was poisoned, the luxury cruise veers toward disaster as Sheila becomes the number one suspect – or was she really the intended victim? Just as the croppers begin un-wrapping the truth, a storm strands them at sea, and they’ll find it’s harder than ever to survive the holidays with a killer on deck…


My thoughts:  My second visit to the wonderful ladies of Cumberland Creek, and I’m glad I got the chance to go back.  I was lucky enough to get the chance to be on the blog tour and provide a review for #3 in this series, “Death of an Irish Diva” so jumped on the chance to be a part of this tour as well.  Thank you and yay!

I will be honest, this book started out a bit slow for me . . . but I believe part of it was because it had been a while since I had been into this series and needed to take some time to reacquaint myself with each of the characters.  It took me a few chapters to get into the whole realization that some of the characters were on the scrapping cruise, while others (Annie, Bea) were back home just doing their things (this really should have been an easy concept, maybe I am just tired lately 🙂

After I was reacquainted and fully back in Cumberland Creek, I truly enjoyed this book.  The characters continue to be their wonderful, unique, quirky selves.  The location of a scrapbooking cruise was great I thought – I mean who wouldn’t dream of this experience.  As someone who has never been on such an experience, I personally and selfishly wish the author would have spend a bit more time describing the specifics of the cruise, the crops, and let’s face it all the scrapbooking stuff that we love to read these cozies for!   I know the point of the book is to tell the story not outline a scrapbooking cruise . . . but I want to live vicariously through  my books 🙂

For a cozy mystery, I appreciate how the author really did a good job of having the characters experience seemingly realistic feelings and emotions to some pretty scary, traumatic events they encountered rather than simply blowing it off and being cheesy about it.

The last paragraph of the book provides a great, intriguing twist which of course will keep me on the lookout for book #5!  I’m ready, bring it on!!!

Overall, a great book in a great cozy mystery series.  If you are a scrapbooker or a cardmaker (like myself) you will not be disappointed.

Thanks for including me on this blog tour.

And remember,

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Blog Tour and Book Review: “Death of an Irish Diva” by Mollie Cox Bryan (Cumberland Creek #3)


Death-of-an-Irish-Diva-182x300  Title:  Death of an Irish Diva

Author:  Mollie Cox Bryan

Series:  Cumberland Creek Mystery #3

Synopsis (from Amazon.com): Vera’s dance studio may have suffered when Emily waltzed into town, but the croppers know she’s not a vengeful murderer. Lucky for her, co-scrapbooker Annie is a freelance reporter eager to vindicate her friend. What she discovers is a puzzling labyrinth of secrets that only add question marks to Emily’s murder. Just when it seems they’ve run out of clues, an antique scrapbook turns up and points the croppers in the right direction – and brings them face to face with a killer more twisted than a Celtic knot…

My thoughts:  Death of an Irish Diva is the third book in the wonderful Cumberland Creek Mystery series!  I must say I was at a bit of a disadvantage given that this was the first book that I read in the series, so it took me a little while to get familiar with the characters!   A small confession. . . I do  have the first two books to this series, namely Scrapbook of Secrets and Scrapped, on my shelf I believe and just haven’t gotten around to reading them . . . (hangs head in shame 🙂  That being said, this one intrigued me a great deal, got me really interested in the characters, and really peaked my interest about the plots of the previous two books, so there is no doubt that I definitely will be catching up.

I loved the characters in this cozy series.  They are bright, intelligent, real, strong, empowered women, with a side of fun and quirky!  I love that in my cozies . . . and we all know I do LOVE my cozies.

Part of me wishes that there would be more a scrapbooking focus to this particular book.  I know there has to be a balance between the plot and the location/theme of the cozy . . .but I for one wanted more time with the ladies doing their scrapbooking!  Loved that part.

This is a great, fast read for lovers of the cozy mystery genre!   Great characters, a fast moving mystery plot . . . all the components of a great cozy!

Now, if you will excuse me I have to go catch up on Scrapbook of Secrets and Scrapped!!! 🙂


The author has graciously agreed to giveaway one print copy of the book to certain blogs on the tour.  To enter the giveaway please leave a comment on this post including your email address. (Of course following the blog and liking it on Facebook and Twitter is always greatly appreciated, but not mandatory)! I will randomly choose a winner (using random.org) and then contact you via email to get your mailing address – US addresses only please.  I will choose the winner Monday, February 17, 2014.

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