Book Review: “Silencing Eve” by Iris Johansen (Eve Duncan #18)


Title:  Silencing Eve

Author:  Iris Johansen

Series:  Eve Duncan #18

Synopsis (from 

This is the finale that fans have been waiting for.  In Taking Even, the game began.  In Hunting Eve, the chase was on.  Now, in Silencing Eve, the prey is cornered.  Will Eve Duncan survive?  Will those she loves take the fall with her? And will the secrets of Eve’s past ultimately become her undoing?  In Silencing Eve, all the questions will be answered in a shocking, you never saw it coming conclusion.

Iris Johansen’s 2012 trilogy, Eve, Quinn, Bonnie was a phenomenal success, reaching number one on bestseller lists nationwide.  Now, with this newest trilogy, the stakes are even higher because it’s a question of capture and escape, hunter and prey, life and death.


My thoughts:  No one that has read my reviews of the first two books in this trilogy, namely Taking Eve and Hunting Eve, will be at all shocked by my review of this last book in the trilogy!

I feel like I have run a marathon getting through this latest Trilogy by Iris Johansen – and not in a good way, not in a way of feeling accomplished.  More in a way of feeling exhausted, dragged down, and finally, finally reaching the finish line!

I apparently am extremely stubborn when it comes to my reading and particularly when reading series . . . I really have to finish unless it is truly awful.

I must conclude that this Eve Duncan trilogy was an epic fail for me.  This last book, Silencing Eve, truly dragged and really felt confused and forced at times.   And the incessant Eve Duncan worship including Joe Quinn’s and Jane’s repeated love for her is just plain overkill.  Move on!

And the ending was extremely mediocre to me . . . I waited three books to catch the “bad guys” if you will and in a non-dramatic fashion in a paragraph it was done.  WHAT?!?!

All in all, this trilogy would have made for one very good book . . . but stretching this rather mediocre plot over the course of some 1000 pages over 3 books was just too much!

Again, I am hopeful that this author will bring back the Eve Duncan books of the past where the focus is clearly on her work as a forensic sculptor and not so egocentrically on her!    Perhaps I am a glutton for punishment, but since I have read this entire series and still like the premise of it, I am sure I will be back for #19!!!

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