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Book Blast: “A Stitch to Die For” by Lois Winston (Anastasia Pollack Crafting Mystery #5)


Hear ye!!  Hear ye!  The latest installment of the Anastasia Pollack Crafting Mystery has arrived!

I am so excited to read this book!  I absolutely love this series.  The main characters are hilarious, the plot lines fun, and in general just a great, great, great series!!!

If you haven’t read any books in this series, get your hands on them, grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea and get reading!


Ever since her husband died and left her in debt equal to the gross national product of Uzbekistan, magazine crafts editor and reluctant amateur sleuth Anastasia Pollack has stumbled across one dead body after another—but always in work-related settings. When a killer targets the elderly nasty neighbor who lives across the street from her, murder strikes too close to home. Couple that with a series of unsettling events days before Halloween, and Anastasia begins to wonder if someone is sending her a deadly message.



Visit the following link for a Rafflecopter giveaway:




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Blog Tour and Book Review: “A Crafty Christmas” by Mollie Cox Bryan (Cumberland Creek Mystery #4)




Title:  A Crafty Christmas

Author:  Mollie Cox Bryan

Series:  Cumberland Creek Mystery #4

Synopsis (from  Christmas is just around the corner, and the ladies of the Cumberland Creek Scrapbook Crop are thrilled when Sheila wins the first place prize in a scrapbooking design contest: a ten-day scrapbook-themed cruise in the Caribbean. Vera and Paige decide to tag along, which should pose the perfect opportunity to learn some new techniques, mingle with fellow croppers, and get in some rest and relaxation before the chaos of Christmas. But when Sheila finds a famous crafter dead, and investigators determine she was poisoned, the luxury cruise veers toward disaster as Sheila becomes the number one suspect – or was she really the intended victim? Just as the croppers begin un-wrapping the truth, a storm strands them at sea, and they’ll find it’s harder than ever to survive the holidays with a killer on deck…


My thoughts:  My second visit to the wonderful ladies of Cumberland Creek, and I’m glad I got the chance to go back.  I was lucky enough to get the chance to be on the blog tour and provide a review for #3 in this series, “Death of an Irish Diva” so jumped on the chance to be a part of this tour as well.  Thank you and yay!

I will be honest, this book started out a bit slow for me . . . but I believe part of it was because it had been a while since I had been into this series and needed to take some time to reacquaint myself with each of the characters.  It took me a few chapters to get into the whole realization that some of the characters were on the scrapping cruise, while others (Annie, Bea) were back home just doing their things (this really should have been an easy concept, maybe I am just tired lately 🙂

After I was reacquainted and fully back in Cumberland Creek, I truly enjoyed this book.  The characters continue to be their wonderful, unique, quirky selves.  The location of a scrapbooking cruise was great I thought – I mean who wouldn’t dream of this experience.  As someone who has never been on such an experience, I personally and selfishly wish the author would have spend a bit more time describing the specifics of the cruise, the crops, and let’s face it all the scrapbooking stuff that we love to read these cozies for!   I know the point of the book is to tell the story not outline a scrapbooking cruise . . . but I want to live vicariously through  my books 🙂

For a cozy mystery, I appreciate how the author really did a good job of having the characters experience seemingly realistic feelings and emotions to some pretty scary, traumatic events they encountered rather than simply blowing it off and being cheesy about it.

The last paragraph of the book provides a great, intriguing twist which of course will keep me on the lookout for book #5!  I’m ready, bring it on!!!

Overall, a great book in a great cozy mystery series.  If you are a scrapbooker or a cardmaker (like myself) you will not be disappointed.

Thanks for including me on this blog tour.

And remember,

Books Are Life,





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Book Review: “Embellished to Death” by Christina Freeburn (Faith Hunter Scrap This #3)





Title:  Embellished to Death

Author:  Christina Freeburn

Series:  Faith Hunter Scrap This #3

Synopsis (from

When Faith Hunter agrees to help PI Bob Roget find an identity thief at a local scrapbook retreat, her friendly croppers’ weekend quickly morphs into a dangerous one. As croppers share their own memories, a killer collects them for her new identity, and doesn’t appreciate Faith in the picture.

Faith struggles to balance her professional, detecting and personal lives as threats and secrets keep her off-balance. Things turn deadly when a woman is killed and Faith is blackmailed. Truth and lies collide when Faith discovers croppers aren’t the only ones embellishing, and the results might end her life.


My thoughts:  I was very lucky to get to read the first 2 books in this great cozy mystery series:  Cropped to Death and Designed to Death so was no doubt very happy to be included in the blog tour to get the chance to read the latest addition, Embellished to Death!!

The first thing to love about this series is of course the theme, namely scrapbooking!  I am not necessarily a scrapbooker but I am an avid cardmaker and so love just reading about all the equipment and processes, it is like being in my craft studio having fun!

The second thing to love about this series is the wonderful characters.  Faith and her crew are just fun, wonderful characters!

Overall this is just a great cozy mystery series.  Do yourself a favor and start reading it if you haven’t!  If you like crafting, scrapbooking, cardmaking, reading, great characters, and cozy mysteries . . . I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed!!

And remember,

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Blog Tour & GIVEAWAY: “Well Read, Then Dead” by Terrie Farley Moran (Read ‘Em and Eat Mystery #1)


I am very happy to once again be participating in a Blog Tour for Great Escapes Virtual Book Tours (keep up the great work Lori!!!).

This tour is for Terrie Farley Moran’s new Read ‘Em and Eat Cozy Mystery series book #1, Well Read, Then Dead!!!

wellreadthendea Synopsis (from

First in a new series!

Nestled in the barrier islands of Florida’s Gulf Coast, Fort Myers Beach is home to Mary “Sassy” Cabot and Bridget Mayfield—owners of the bookstore café, Read ’Em and Eat. But when they’re not dishing about books or serving up scones, Sassy and Bridgy are keeping tabs on hard-boiled murder.

Read ’Em and Eat is known for its delicious breakfast and lunch treats, along with quite a colorful clientele. If it’s not Rowena Gustavson loudly debating the merits of the current book club selection, it’s Miss Augusta Maddox lecturing tourists on rumors of sunken treasure among the islands. It’s no wonder Sassy’s favorite is Delia Batson, a regular at the Emily Dickinson table. Augusta’s cousin and best friend Delia is painfully shy—which makes the news of her murder all the more shocking.

No one is more distraught than Augusta, and Sassy wants to help any way she can. But Augusta doesn’t have time for sympathy. She wants Delia’s killer found—and she’s not taking no for an answer. Now Sassy is on the case, and she’d better act fast before there’s any more trouble in paradise.

Includes a buttermilk pie recipe!


My thoughts:  Watch out cozy mystery lovers . . . there is a GREAT new cozy series in town!  I really loved this first book in the new Read ‘Em and Eat series for many reasons.

I am a fairly avid cozy reader and when the setting is not only a book store, but also a café, you know you have a winner on your hands!  Great setting.  Anyone who has ever read my blog, also knows that I really enjoy my cozies to actually spend most of the action in the book right in the setting whether it be a café, a store, etc etc and this one does not disappoint.  For me that is the joy of the cozy genre.. . to spend as much time possible in that cozy space.

I also love my cozies to be in a setting that I feel I want to immediately visit . . . The Read ‘Em and Eat bookstore/café certainly fits the bill.  I’m so there, when can I visit.

The characters in this book are fabulous . . . fun, charming, quirky, engaging, and very important I want to know more which is a testament also in my humble opinion to a great cozy.

I very much look forward to returning to this series and am hopeful there are many more books on the horizon!

Cozy lovers . . . do yourself a favor and put this one on your list.  A great plane or beach read for anyone still getting in that last minute summer vacation!



Now let’s not forget the important part . . . the giveaway.

The author has been gracious enough to giveaway one print copy of the book to each blog participating in this blog tour.

I’m not all cool enough to be up to speed on the whole Rafflecopter thing so here is how you can enter:

1.  Leave a comment on this post with your email address.  (It is not necessary to like the blog or follow the blog, but that sure is nice as well and makes us bloggers feel good 🙂 🙂

2.  I will close the comments on Wednesday, August 6, 2014 at 5 pm CST!!!!

3.  I will randomly select the winner and email you for your mailing address/contact information and pass that info along to the tour host to get you the book!


And remember,

Books Are Life,




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Book Review and Blog Tour: “Murder in Merino” by Sally Goldenbaum


MURDER_IN_MERINO  Title:  Murder in Merino

Author:  Sally Goldenbaum

Series:  Seaside Knitters

Synopsis (from  It’s autumn in Sea Harbor, and as the tourists leave, a mysterious guest arrives. When she’s implicated in a crime, the Seaside Knitters must quickly table their knitting project and search out a motif for murder.

Fall is usually a relaxing time in Sea Harbor, but it’s turning out to be a busy season for Izzy Chambers Perry. Not only is she helping the Seaside Knitters make a magnificent throw to celebrate the fortieth wedding anniversary of her aunt and uncle, but she and her husband are finally selling the cottage she lived in before she got married and had a darling baby girl. To Izzy’s surprise, newcomer Julia Ainsley seems determined to buy the home—although she’s never set foot inside.

But on the day of the open house, things take a dark turn. A body is uncovered in the cottage’s backyard. When the police find Julia’s name and phone number in the victim’s pocket, this slender thread of evidence makes her a person of interest. Soon the spotlight of suspicion widens to include old friends and town leaders as a tragic happening, long buried in the sleepy seaside town, is slowly brought to the surface.

Before the joyful anniversary celebration can be realized, the Seaside Knitters must work to unravel the real reason Julia Ainsley has come to their town—and the tangled and troubled ties from the past that bind friends and townsfolk together.
My thoughts:  You know you love a book when you find yourself asking, “Why in the world when I absolutely love cozy mysteries, have I not read this series?”  I normally like to read all my series books from the very beginning, but I’m so glad, sooooo glad that I had the opportunity to read and review this book.

The characters are fabulous, loving, with a touch of quirky!  Perfect!

And what can I say about the setting. . . amazing and my only question is how do I get invited to these Friday night gatherings and dinners?  The setting is so quaint and the relationships between the characters is so fun and authentic . . .  I can’t say enough about this series . . . and I very much look forward to starting the series from the very beginning . . . Death by Cashmere here I come.

A charming, wonderful cozy mystery series, that I highly recommend for any cozy lover.

And remember,

Books Are Life,



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Book Review and Blog Tour: “Burnout” by Teresa Trent (Pecan Bayou#5)


burnoutTitle:  Burnout

Author:  Teresa Trent

Series:  Pecan Bayou #5

Synopsis (from  It’s November in Pecan Bayou, Texas and while the town is getting ready for the Thanksgiving holiday a deadly fire breaks out at the newspaper office. When Rocky, the editor is nowhere to be found, Betsy refuses to believe he has perished in the fire. The entire town is coming down with the stomach flu and Betsy must deal with her husband’s new-found celebrity as an on-air weatherman filling in for and under-the-weather Hurricane Hal . Leo loves all the attention he’s getting, especially from the sexy administrative assistant who works at the station. Is their new marriage in trouble already? Find out in the fifth book of the Pecan Bayou Mystery Series. All the characters you’ve come to know and love are back and you’ll find plenty of the Happy Hinter’s recipes and tips included at the end of the book.

My thoughts:  How could I have missed this delightful series in the cozy genre?  This book #5 “Burnout” is my first introduction to the Pecan Bayou series  . . . and I will tell you I am sure glad I found it.

This is a wonderful series in the cozy genre.  I found the characters delightful, fun, witty, and sometimes downright funny (which I love in my characters).

Overall a great book . . . I highly recommend if you are a true cozy lover that you run out and start this series if you haven’t already.

After reading this latest book in the series, I know have to add the first 4 to my “To Read” list for sure.

The book is available on Amazon Kindle at the following link:

And remember,

Books Are Life,




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Book Review and Blog Tour: “A Roux of Revenge” by Connie Archer (Soup Lover’s Mystery #3)



Title:  A Roux of Revenge

Author:  Connie Archer

Series:  Soup Lover’s Mystery #3

Synopsis (from  Snowflake, Vermont, is known for its skiing in winter—and its soup all year round, thanks to Lucky Jamieson’s By the Spoonful. Autumn brings golden leaves, pumpkin rice soup, the annual Harvest Festival…and murder.

Lucky’s soup shop is busier than usual this October, with groups of itinerant travelers in town to work the Harvest Festival. One newcomer seems to take a particular interest in Lucky’s young waitress, Janie, spying on her from across the street. Is the stranger stalking Janie?

After an unidentified man is found murdered in a van by the side of the road, simmering suspicions about the travelers are brought to a boil. But when Janie is put in harm’s way, Lucky must join forces with the travelers to turn up the heat on a killer…

My thoughts:  The soup shop in this particular series, By the Spoonful, is by far one of my most favorite locations in all of the cozy mystery series.  How much cozier can one get than a nice, warm, cozy soup restaurant in a town called Snowflake, Vermont!  I love it and can picture it every time I read this series.

I really enjoy Connie Archer’s Soup Lover’s Mystery series.  As I am sure that I have mentioned in my reviews of the first two books in the series, Spoonful of Murder and Broth of Betrayal, I truly enjoy the main character Lucky Jamieson.  I love that she is a strong, empowered, female character that has definitely been through some difficult times but has come out on her feet.  She is finding her way in business and in love!  A truly great female lead character.

As I continue to read further and further into this series, I also am enjoying really getting to know some of the other characters in town.  They truly become your family which is why I love series books so much.

This book started out a bit slow for me but I will see really picked up the pace as we got further and further into the story and investigation of the murder.

My only issue with this series, and it really isn’t a problem with the series itself, but rather I guess where I live . . . is that the publication dates of the books in this series always come out off season.  What I mean is that his particular book is set in fall around Halloween and is published in Spring (after a long, hard winter at least where I live).  I know this is a crazy, stupid issue, but I want to be reading about nice, warm cozy soup on a nice, crisp, fall day in the fall not during spring.

That aside, I do love this series and eagerly await book #4!

Go out and start this series, you won’t regret it.

And remember,

Books Are Life,





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