Book Review: “Picking Lemons” by J T Toman


PickingLemons  Title:  Picking Lemons

Author:  J. T. Toman

Series:  C. J. Whitmore #1

Synopsis (from  Economic theories can predict many things–just not the death of a renowned Economics professor. When Professor Edmund de Beyer is found in his office strangled to death by his own PhD hood, the police don’t have to look any further than his colleagues in the Economics Department for suspects. After all, Edmund was the most despised faculty member in the department. CJ Whitmore, the department’s only tenured female (who also has a penchant for wearing pink-cowboy-boots to class), resolves to get to the bottom of the mystery using economic principles. Comparing tracking down murder suspects to selecting a used car, she attempts to discern the real deals from the “lemons.” That is, which suspects are really telling the truth and which are lying to protect their guilt? Will CJ be able to pick the lemon before her clever adversary strike again?


My thoughts:  I really enjoyed this new cozy!  Why you ask?  Well, most certainly because of it’s main character . . . C. J. Whitmore!  She is feisty, sassy, funny, outspoken, says what is on her mind, and a strong female character.  Anyone who has ever read my blog knows how much I love a strong female character in my cozies.

I loved that this book had great humor to it . . . who doesn’t love to have a great laugh in their cozies as well.

Overall I really like this book.  The overall theme of college professors, economics students, universities is new in the cozy world and goes beyond cute little shops, bistros, stores, etc. (although never get me wrong, I love those too 🙂

You know a cozy or any book is good when you are about half way through and find yourself asking “I wonder what C. J. is going to get into next.  I sure hope this author writes another book and continues this series.”

A quick, fun read for all you cozy lovers out there!

And remember,

Books Are Life,




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